Exclusive VR Show

Jan 15, 2015

We did a private viewing for our friends from
They recorded their editors watching CamSoda’s live VR stream,
check out what the saw  


Live Virtual Reality Cam

December 15, 2015

Today, CamSoda, the adult entertainment webcam platform, announced the first ever interactive live virtual reality experience. Visitors to the site will be able to access a VR-specific channel via the platform’s ‘CamSoda House.’ Users are transported into the house where they experience the models and environment through an immersive 360-degree experience that allows for unprecedented interconnectivity that mimics real-life.


The CamSoda Love Machine

December 4, 2015

At CamSoda we give you full access to the daily dalliances of the CamHouse girls, even letting you follow their every move via our randy little robot, CamBot. What more could you possibly want from a social cam network? How about the chance to virtually stimulate one of the camgirls from the privacy of your own home?


Up-skirt Customer Service

October 5, 2015

Have you ever found yourself staring down the blouse of a customer service agent, too distracted by their looks to register what they're telling you? It happens. Even at the risk of getting caught, the thrill of taking a peek is sometimes too hard to deny.


CamSoda CamBot

October 2, 2015

POV video gaming (and porn scenes) are so commonplace that they've become part of our everyday culture. We're so used to either seeing the world as fictional characters in a fictional universe that we almost feel removed from the action rather than part of it. But if we could control a real POV scenario in real-time, that would be something else entirely.


Welcome to the CamHouse

September 6, 2015

In a sunny seaside locale is a beautiful and spacious house, complete with a theater room, game room, exercise room, outdoor patio and swimming pool. There are several bedrooms and showers and areas to lounge. Most important of all, there are beautiful women in every room at any given time, showering, exercising or just hanging out.