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AvatarNew B/g content in media and socials! Also you can summon Valentin in the tip menu (ask first)
AvatarDue to the quarantine, I'll only be telling inside jokes.
AvatarNever blame someone else for the road that you are on. That is your own asphalt.
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USA, AZ, height 5'4", thai, it's not a hickey, it's a 3rd nipple, pisces
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dark as my soul
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Third nipple named Pluto, tip 299 tokens for a one-way ticket

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~Say "Hi" when you enter my room - IT IS INTERACTIVE. Don't be that guy who goes to a bar and orders water. Can't expect to get drunk if you don't buy a drink. Failure to communicate, I will assume you're doing shady shit or not paying attention so you will be kicked. You can come back when you want to interact. Repeat offenders will be banned. I do try to say hi to everyone that comes in my room. Meet ups are forbidden, don't try. Communicate with words like an adult, not with gifs.

I DO NOT do race play (the n word is not in my vocab)

No bashing PS5 or Apple products 🚫

If size mattered, the elephant would be king of the jungle. Stop asking.

Please be respectful and tip for any requests. Demands or being rude to my mods, other members, or myself will get you banned. If you enjoy what you see, please tip!

My private rate is 120/min after a pre tip of 280 and with a minimum of 5 mins (that means you need to take me private for AT LEAST 5 mins). If you need to figure out how much you will spend for a certain amount of time, use this formula (plug in time (minutes) for t) 280+(120*5=600)+120(t)=x

2001 tokens - Pick out my next color for nails and toes
Attn Cam Girls - I don't mind you being in my room but please address yourself, say hi, once you come in or you will be banned. Don't make things awkward. I can see you.

If you are one of the rare members that actually read profiles, congratulations!

Shoutout to my wonderful mods/Avengers:
Cap't America - Token PEAR Filipino and resident music guru: acmilanfanmario
Dr. Strange - Chief Cyber Security Officer - Dr. Jenny888
Lance1769 - Friendly Camsoda Spiderman!
Ant Man (not due to size of anything in particular): DanteB

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